In education we are very happy with new colleagues! You are very much needed, partly because of the teacher shortage. Unfortunately, not everything has yet been optimally arranged for students and lateral entrants. For example, not all students receive fair compensation for internships and the way lateral entrants are supervised in the profession differs greatly per school. Do you recognize this? Or are you doing really well?

What needs to change?
De AOb would love to hear about your experiences! Based on this, we can make efforts to make better agreements with employers (via the collective labor agreement) and with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

Start optimally
The best start in education is made by becoming a free student member of the AOb to be when you study. As a member you build up a network with colleagues in your sector and you can contact us with questions about your personal situation, for example about your contract, payslip or legal issues. Become a member!

LB, LC, L10: There are many salary scales in education. Want to know what you will earn when you start working in education? Do the AOb Salaryck and find out in no time. Everything about gross, net, starting salaries and more.


When you start teaching a lot comes your way. For example, how do you stay consistent and what are the tricks to easily get the class in order? Check out the tips that have been used successfully many times and find out how they work for you.


Yes, diploma in! Applying is the next step: a serious and important matter. Think about your added value and prepare well. Everything you need to know to land your dream job in education.


Are you doing completely different work now, but are you dreaming of being a teacher? From a job in primary education, at a secondary school or a roc. Then, if you meet sufficient requirements, you can become a side-entrants student.


De AOb stands up for teachers and support staff, both in terms of educational content and employment conditions. Students and starters can become members and so contact the union with all their questions. As a member you also receive the Education Magazine every month.