Do the Salary Check!

Do you earn what you are entitled to? If you work in primary education, secondary education or in senior secondary vocational education, you can AOb-Do a salary check. This way you will find out in no time how much you earn gross and what you have left over.

The handy tool is updated every year with new collective labor agreements and adapted to changes in tax rates and pension contributions.

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In five steps you check whether the amount on your salary slip is correct, and what you have left over. You can also use the handy tool to see what you would earn if you would work less or more, or if you chose a different position within education. In the check you have to fill in five questions, such as the education sector, position, age and number of years of service. Then you immediately know what you earn approximately and which taxes are withheld.

What is your salary in education?
You will know in five steps!

Since 2012, the AOb de Salariack, because it turned out that many teachers and educational supporters need it. At the beginning of 2017, the Salary check supplemented for the teaching staff who work in secondary vocational education and in 2019 the entire site was redesigned so that it is even easier to use the check.

Do you work in HBO or WO? Then unfortunately you cannot use the Salary Check. This is because the salary structure in these sectors is very different and more complicated. There are many individual differences because the annual salary increase depends on the annual assessment. On the CAO page of the higher professional education sector en it wo you can find the salary tables.

AObmembers can always contact it Information and Advice Center (IAC) for questions about grading or salary. Our employees will be happy to advise you further.

Do the check!

Wondering if the amount on your salary slip is correct? Do the Salary check! *

*The salary check is an indication tool, so the amounts may not be 100% correct.