An account for MyAOb

MyAOb is your personal environment at the AOb. You register with the e-mail address known to the AOb. This way you don't have to know your membership number by heart.

If you create an account you can view and change all your data. You can also easily register for meetings and newsletters and simply ask a question to the Information and Advice Center (IAC). From October 2021 you can also request your union contribution letter there.

Register for MyAOb

If registration fails, view the manual here.

Please use the correct email address

If you are unable to create an account or if you do not see your details in the account, you have created an account with an e-mail address that is not known to us. To be able to link your membership to your account, it is important that you register with the e-mail address with which you are in our system. Do you not know with which e-mail address you are known at the AOb or is it not possible to register? Then take contact up with the IAC. Below you will also find some handy guides and more information about registering for MyAOb.