Working at the AOb

Within the work organization of the AOb there are regularly new vacancies. You can also be active in the association voluntarily or with facilities within the AOb. Keep an eye on this page for the latest vacancies.

Vacancy sector board secondary education region East

Do you want to represent the voice of your colleagues from secondary education and influence it AObpolicy for this education sector? Then apply for it AObsector management on behalf of the East Netherlands region. You will remain employed by your school, the AOb pays out four hours a week to the school so that you can commit to union activities. Interested?

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Sector consultant MBO region Northwest

De AOb is looking for a sector consultant in secondary vocational education for the province of Noord-Holland. Sector consultants combine a job in education with work (4 hours per week) for the AOb. In one school you build on the relationship with the union, in the other you strengthen this bond. And you participate in national and regional campaigns. Something for you?

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Member of the executive board AOb

We are looking for a colleague with administrative experience, a negotiator, networker, team player who knows everything about primary education. AObPresident Eugenie Stolk is no longer standing for election, which is why we are looking for a new paid member for the daily management of the union. The term of office is from August 1, 2021 to August 1, 2025.

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Northwest trade union consultant

De AOb is looking for a union consultant for 16 clock hours a week for the Northwest region. As a union consultant you answer questions from colleagues about legal status, social security and pensions. The AOb pays the hours to your employer. Something for you? Then apply before May 7.

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Board member Bonaventura

De AOb-department Sint Bonaventura, the group for educational staff with a Catholic background, is looking for two new board members. It is a voluntary position and a position for which facilities (4 hours per week) are available. Do you want to gain board experience and are you willing to invest time in the position? Then respond to the vacancy.

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Board members AOb-group board Postactives

Are you retired and do you want to stand up for your colleagues in education? Then make yourself eligible for the Postactives group board of the AOb. As a board member you talk about matters that concern pensioners, such as income, housing and care. You also manage local groups from the AOb and you maintain contact in the trade union houses. The elections are on May 27, 2021.

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