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What does the membership cost?

Gross per month

Net per month

Teacher, oop'er from scale 9, management, PhD candidate and self-employed person

19,10 €

11,46 euro *

If salary is below minimum wage

13,70 €

8,22 euro *

Educational assistant up to and including scale 8

13,70 €

8,22 euro *

* You can reclaim 40% of your union contribution through your employer

The prices can be indexed annually. These are the prices as of January 2023.

View all memberships and the prices of the contribution here .

Benefits & conditions

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    Take advantage of all the benefits you get when you join the AOb gets:

    • Legal assistance
    • The Education magazine on the doormat
    • Great influence in your collective labor agreement negotiations
    • Get personalized advice
    • Do the Salary Check and ask our employees questions about this
    • Be the first to receive current education news
    • Take advantage of exclusive benefits with FNV Members Benefit

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  • Terms & conditions AOb-membership and other memberships
    • New members are free for the first three months. You become a member for at least one year.
    • In most collective labor agreements, you can get a large part of the trade union contribution back at the end of the year through your employer. You actually only pay about 12 or 9 euros per month net through the scheme 'Restitution of union dues'. All working AObmembers will receive the form to arrange the refund around October. This concerns a tax settlement of the union contribution against the end-of-year bonus. An example calculation: you have an untaxed end-of-year bonus of 1500 euros. This is then reduced - by then you have largely paid the contribution - by the contribution you paid AOb transferred, for example 215 euros. Then you come to 1285 euros. At that time, tax is withheld, so that on balance you see a higher net amount on your pay slip. Fill in the form before November 1 and hand it in to your school board. You will find the refund on your pay slip in December.
    • When you use the discount rate, you must demonstrate that you are entitled to it if the AOb asks for this when checking. If you claim legal services and the income is higher than for the lower rate, the difference will still be charged.
    • In the following situations, a discounted rate applies for which a self-declaration is required: working educational support up to and including scale 8, working part-time with a salary below the minimum wage, retired with income less than the minimum wage
    • Do you live at the same address with someone else AObmember? Then you will receive a € 2,25 housemate discount.
    • Other memberships: Post-active member, who stops working (and receives more than the minimum wage) pays 11,20 euros per month. With an income lower than the minimum wage and only if you are retired (including AOW benefit) the contribution is 7,10 euros per month. Learn more about Education Retired Membership. People entitled to benefits, working outside of education, social assistance or no work? Then the contribution is 11,20 euros. Are you entitled to benefits, working outside of education, entitled to social assistance or do you have no work and do you want to become a member? Please contact the Information and Advice Center (IAC) on 030 298 95 99.
    • The general meeting decides each year on the indexation of the contribution amounts. It is possible that the contribution is indexed when you start paying as a member.

Are you a student? Join for free

Are you studying at a teacher training college or a teacher training college and are you not yet working in education? You can become a free member of the immediately at the start of your training AOb and enjoy many benefits. Membership will automatically expire.