Collective labor agreement and salary

De AOb represents the interests of the teaching staff. The AOb about the terms of employment. For example, about the level of the salary, the number of vacation days and how you can develop further as a teacher or educational supporter. All agreements are laid down in the collective labor agreement. Click on your education sector below for an overview. Are you curious about the salary if you would work less or what you earn if you move to a higher salary scale? Then do the Salary Check of the AOb and find out quickly.

All MBO staff will receive a wage increase of 4,2 percent and a one-off payment. The negotiators also agreed to increase the travel allowance.


Do you earn what you are entitled to? If you work in primary education, secondary education or in senior secondary vocational education, you can AOb-Do a salary check. This way you will find out in no time how much you earn gross and what you have left over.