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Strikers, thank you! 500 million for pay gap

AOb- director Thijs Roovers:

Statue: AOb

AOb-director Thijs Roovers: "If we can draw one lesson from this, it is: campaigning helps."

The outgoing cabinet is investing 500 million in reducing the pay gap between primary and secondary education, as appeared yesterday in the General Political Reflections. “This is far from solving the problems in education as a whole,” says AObdirector Thijs Roovers. "But it's a good start - the head is off." READ MORE

Budget Memorandum: Future cuts to higher education

Despite protests from, among others, the AOb there are still significant cutbacks to higher education in the new government budget of the cabinet. The education union is surprised by these choices made by outgoing minister Ingrid... READ MORE

System pushes home sitters into the corner

More than 15 thousand children are at home and that number is still growing. D66 wants to guarantee the right to education for these children by amending the law, but not everyone is convinced of the usefulness... READ MORE

Union dues, take advantage and ask for money back

All working AOb-members have received a form with which they can request a refund of part of the union contribution from their employer. Take advantage too, because you will receive a maximum of half of the contribution back. READ MORE


Sick: still or again?

A sick employee gets 2 years of dismissal protection. How should that period be calculated if the employee is ill again after a short period of time?


Do I have to come back on my day off?

Every week you are free on Thursday and Friday. Do you have to come back for a study day that is scheduled on Friday? Our employees know it.


Your first class, tips to start the year successfully

There you are with your diploma in your pocket and in good spirits; independently in front of the class for the first time. How do you do that?