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Politics The Hague yearns for more control over education

Picture: livestream House of Representatives

A large part of the House of Representatives wants more control over education quickly in order to tackle the problems better, as it turned out during the discussion of the education budget. The decentralized system and the unbridled lump sum are no longer sacred cows. READ MORE

Teaching staff demand higher salary at demonstration

Wages must go up! This demand was clearly audible today in the Olympic Stadium at the FNV manifestation #NLverdientBeter. “We will therefore soon be coming up with a substantial wage demand,” warns AObchairman Tamar van Gelder. READ MORE

ABP increases pensions by almost 12 percent

The largest pension fund in the Netherlands, the ABP, will index heavily. As of January 2023, approximately three million government and education employees will receive an additional 11,96 percent. READ MORE

Exams largely as before corona

The school exams will largely be as before corona this school year, Education Minister Dennis Wiersma decided yesterday. Relaxations such as the 'thumb regulation' and a third period are disappearing. However, the administration period will be slightly more flexible, particularly in pre-vocational secondary education. READ MORE


How can I become active for the AOb?

Do you want to stand up for your teaching colleagues and influence the policy of the AOb? View the positions and send your motivation before 1 November.


New parental leave rules, what will change for you

In almost all educational collective agreements, parental leave arrangements are better than the new European directive. Check the agreements in your sector.


Bad ventilation at your workplace? You can do this!

A well-ventilated workplace is important for the health and proper functioning of you and your students. Check out what you can do.