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Negotiation agreement collective labor agreement: 1,8 percent wage increase

There is a negotiation agreement for secondary education.

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There is a negotiation agreement for secondary education.

A structural wage increase of 1,8 percent: that is the result that the unions and employers in secondary education have achieved after long negotiations. “It is obvious that The Hague must now also invest in secondary education,” warns AOb-driver Jelmer Evers already. READ MORE

Inspection: corona caused higher work pressure and more stress

Teaching with the imposed corona measures worried teachers and school leaders a higher workload and more stress. In secondary (special) education, special education and senior secondary vocational education, the well-being of teachers has deteriorated. For older students and... READ MORE


Sick: still or again?

A sick employee gets 2 years of dismissal protection. How should that period be calculated if the employee is ill again after a short period of time?


Classification of a new position: do you count years of experience?

As an oop'er Willem stood independently in front of the class for many years. He does not see his years of experience reflected on his payslip now that he has an authority.


What you need to know about retiring early

At the AOb Questions are received from older employees who want to know whether they can retire early through an agreement from the pension agreement.