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Education demands 12 percent wage increase - otherwise strike after summer

De AOb and the fellow trade unions are submitting a wage demand of 12 percent to the cabinet for primary and secondary education. If there is no good offer for wage increases by June 16, strikes will follow after the summer. READ MORE

Education unions are campaigning throughout the Netherlands

Handed over to the cheers of protesting teachers AObchief executive Kim van Strien presented an empty shopping bag to Dennis Wiersma this afternoon in The Hague. Just before that, the education minister had already received a chest-high scroll with protest signatures, which… READ MORE

Six thousand signatures for a better internship allowance

Students handed over six thousand signatures today to members of parliament from GroenLinks, D66 and PvdA. With the presentation of the petition, set up by the AOb, do the teaching interns want attention for a standard internship allowance of 750 euros... READ MORE


AObelections on June 23

The candidates introduce themselves to you.


New pension system

The new pension scheme will come into effect at ABP on 1 January 2026. What changes for you?


Seven tips for better lessons about the slavery past

The Slavery Past Commemoration Year begins on July 1. How do you pay attention to this in class?