The collective labor agreement for primary education is final.
The collective labor agreement for primary education is final.

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Members agree to new collective labor agreement for primary education

AObMembers have largely approved the negotiator's agreement for the new collective labor agreement in primary education. More than 95 percent agree with the agreement.

This is apparent from the results of the poll conducted by the AOb previously sent to all members in primary education. A total of 3359 members completed the questionnaire.

Moving forward

In mid-June, it emerged that the negotiators of the AOb, the other unions and the employers' umbrella organization PO council a negotiator's agreement have achieved, thereby closing the pay gap with secondary education. The most important agreements are a wage increase of 4,75 percent and a one-off payment of 500 euros gross for a full-time job. Part-timers receive this benefit pro rata. All employees see this pay increase on their July pay slip. do already the Salaryck to see what your payslip looks like, although this remains an indication.

The wage increase and the one-off payment correspond to the agreements for colleagues from secondary education† Just before the conclusion of this latest collective labor agreement, at the end of April, there was the historical agreement in which the pay gap with secondary education was closed. Colleagues also mention this in the open remarks: 'Glad that it was proved right! This keeps the wage agreement tidy.' Or: 'It is quite right that the salary in primary education has been equalized, but that it also remains the same. Vo gets (rightly) 4,75 percent more, so also the po.'

Respondent: 'Glad that it is proved right! In this way the wage agreement remains neat'

In addition, there are agreements about parental leave. For the first 415 hours that employees take, they now receive 75 percent of their salary instead of 55 percent. However, the hours must be included in the child's first year of life. If employees do not do this, they can take the paid hours until the child is four years old at 55 percent of the salary. Agreements have also been made about professionalisation. In the open comments, members also look further. 'Good result. Next round of work pressure," writes one surveyee. Or: 'Now even further with the next collective labor agreement, the work pressure, ventilation and corona protection.'

De AObsector council approved the agreement yesterday. The supporters of the other unions and the PO council also agreed. The collective labor agreement is therefore final and will run from 1 June 2022 to 30 April 2023.

Long campaigns have closed the pay gap and the salary is now equal to that of colleagues in secondary education. Together we stand stronger. Join the AOb. 

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