The Local Consultations

AOb representatives can be found at nearly every university and many research institutions. They take part in the Local Consultations [LO]. Members of the LO include union members who, together with members of the Executive Board, make agreements about terms and conditions of employment at that university or institution.

Together with the employers, they also work out the collective agreement in greater detail on a local level. The representative himself works at the university or institution, so he knows exactly what is at play there.

If you want to find out more about the AOb at your university or institution or if you want to meet them, please contact our local representative in your workplace.


Marjolein Hogenbirk (read this interview in Dutch)
020-525 4843

Matthijs Engelberts
020-525 4483


Pieter Wagenaar
020-598 6918

TU Delft

Guus Hommel
015-369 2065


Anneroos Dijkhuis
040-247 4376


Nasser Kalantar
050-363 6676

Universiteit Leiden

Nicole van Os
071-527 2937

Emke Clifford Kocq van Breugel
071 527 8882

Maastricht University

Carijn Beumer
043-388 2285

Ceren Pekdemir

043-388 2660

Radboud Universiteit

Arnoud Lagendijk
024-361 6204

Marijtje Jongsma
024-361 6278

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Roel Pieterman

Tilburg University

Maureen Sie
013-466 4228

Naomi Kamoen of 

Universiteit Twente

Laura Franco-Garcia
053-489 4377

Annemarie Arets-Meulman

Universiteit Utrecht

Ruud Cox

Joep van den Dikkenberg
06 20 290 214

Wageningen University & Research/Open Universiteit

Ahmed Charifi


Gertjan Postma
020-462 8568