Determine course, take responsibility

The General Assembly (AV) of the AOb elects half of the central board every two years for a four-year term of office. The main directors will be elected on June 23, 2023, the candidates will introduce themselves to you.

After a maximum of four years, sitting members of the AOb-main board regular retirement. There is the possibility of re-election. At the moment there are three vacancies for the main board, the candidates for these positions introduce themselves below. The AV of the AOb elects three chief executives on June 23. In March this year, the previous election, eight chief executives were then elected. 

Main Drivers*The AObThe main board consists of twenty people in total. Five of them, the executive board, are employed. The other fifteen chief executives are unpaid and come from different regions and educational sectors. They work a maximum of two days for the AOb besides work at school. The AOb pays the school to arrange replacement. We call this 'on a facility basis'. provide direction and guidance to the AOb and think along about terms of employment and education policy. They also monitor the union's progress. Board members must be well informed about what is going on in education, be strategically oriented and have knowledge of educational content.

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The candidates introduce themselves below:

1. Candidates for head manager of the Science Education & Research sector

'The AOb, a fighting home!'

Name: Arnout Lagendijk, candidate chief executive, from the academic education and research sector. Radboud University, professor of economic geography.

Where do I come from: “I am an economic geographer, teaching at Radboud University, striving for a sustainable world. I have a long career as a trade union activist, starting with the Dordtse Scholierenvakbond. Now I am AOb sector manager WO&O.”

Where do I want to go: “I see the AOb as a 'fighting home'. Together we fight for better work, education and pay. We also offer each other daily support, understanding and advice. This way we become stronger collectively and help each other personally. We are all names, faces and ambitions.”

What are my talents: “I bring experience into it build up of dialogue, support, vision, face and perseverance.”

What do I offer: "My focus is"organizingwithin the large AObfamily of fellow fighters.”

'Permanent contracts for permanent work'

Geert Luteyn, candidate chief executive, from the academic education and research sector and works at the VU University Amsterdam as a lecturer in Political Science.

Where do I come from: “I live in Rijswijk and work at the Free University of Amsterdam. I committed myself to the Casual UvA action group and, together with other junior lecturers, campaigned for permanent contracts and career prospects.”

Where do I want the AOb to: "De AOb must push for permanent contracts for lecturers and researchers. Universities too often give temporary contracts, which leaves employees in uncertainty. Junior lecturers are indispensable at the university, but are not appreciated with a permanent contract and promotion opportunities. For Assistant Professors, it is too often not much better.”

What am I good at: “As a political scientist, I can reduce problems to their core and formulate what really matters. I am also good at convincing people, without ignoring other points of view.”

What does the AOb to offer you: “I hope as a representative of the AOb to get even more pressure from universities and politicians to link the importance of investing in education to job security. In addition, I also hope to expand my network with like-minded people within the AOb expand."

2. Candidates for Chief Administrator Groups or Networks

'Reach your goals with the power of the collective'

Name: Marzena Broniak, art teacher at Erasmus VO and secondary education sector consultant and PR consultant.

“From the beginning of my teaching career I have been a member of the AOb. It is a matter of course for me. I would like to see starters in education en masse opt for membership of the largest education union in our country.

I have been working as a VO art teacher for 22 years with great pleasure and dedication. At the Erasmus in Almelo I teach students from pre-vocational secondary education to gymnasium. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in different aspects of teaching. I am also a member of the participation council and NPO coordinator. I have also represented my school several times during visits to partner schools in various European countries.

In XNUMX, when AOb As a secondary education sector consultant and PR consultant, I have a good idea of ​​what is going on in schools. I see colleagues from all sectors around me, who put their heart and soul into good education. However, they run into various problems, such as excessive work pressure and large class sizes. The salary is also increasingly mentioned. By submitting my candidacy, I would like to contribute to doing something about this. We as AOb are able to improve this situation.

'The union that is you, that is us'
Name: Mariam Mwinyimbegu, English teacher at ROC TOP De Amsterdamse Plus

“The strength of our education lies in our individual differences and collective interests. During the corona pandemic it became clear that we could not do without our so-called 'low-skilled' professions – such as garbage collectors, carers and delivery drivers.

After years of cutbacks and little attention, these professions suddenly turned out to be 'essential'. There is not only talk of inequality of opportunity, but also unequal appreciation!

My name is Mariam Mwinyimbegu, I am 44 years old and have been working in education for over 26 years. After my first year at a primary school as a classroom assistant, I knew immediately: education is my place! Now I am an English teacher at the ROC TOP Plus Amsterdam and also a workplace supervisor, works council member and safety expert.

I have been a member of the AOb. From 2017 to 2020 I was chairman of the Colorful group, now the Diversity/Inclusion group. I am committed to education everywhere: from curriculum development, organizational and personnel policy to safety measures and combating discrimination.

My ambition is to broaden the cooperation between boards and education teams. I am sharp, creative and like to look for solutions outside the box. The concrete result counts!

As chief executive Groups and Network, I will want to use the diversity within our groups for equal appreciation in our education and professions. Let's be a reflection of society as we want to see it. The union that's you, that's us!

'In order to focus on the student, we must first focus on the teacher'

Name: Willem Naus, History teacher at Linde College in Wolvega

“As an idealist, I have a passion for (good) education. In the 17 years that I travel from Groningen to Wolvega to teach, I have seen and experienced a lot. I feel strongly involved with the students, colleagues and activities within the school. In addition to teaching, I have fulfilled various tasks, such as chairman of the mr, coordinator havo and exam secretary. I am someone who initiates new projects and I take people along to improve matters in the school together. Over the years I have noticed what people in education encounter and colleagues have found me to express their feelings or to work together.

I also see the involvement and passion in the AOb. Uniting strongly together also means working towards an inclusive and equitable education system in which all students and employees feel heard and seen. There are major themes on the agenda. Backlogs, inequality of opportunity, starters leaving education and polarization are just a few examples. I would at the AOb very much want to contribute to future-proof and high-quality education. I look forward to committing myself to my colleagues and translating their needs and wishes into concrete proposals.”