Education Scholarships

There are many different scholarships available to teaching staff. The AOb list the most important grants and schemes for you.

Teachers Scholarship

The new application round for the regular Teachers' Grant starts on 1 April each year. The application period always runs up to and including June 30. Only this year the application period has been shortened: You can apply until mid-May 2021. The Teachers' Fair is the most popular fair with the largest budget: 135 million euros per year. Qualified teachers from all educational sectors, from primary education to higher professional education, receive funding for a recognized bachelor's or master's degree with this grant. This also applies to teachers who work as an internal counselor, care coordinator, remedial teacher or ambulatory counselor. The grant reimburses the course costs and partly arranges study leave and replacement. School leaders can apply for a subsidy to arrange replacement when there are gaps in the class schedule because the teacher is on study leave.

Want to know more about the Teachers' Fair? All conditions and how to apply for the scholarship can be found on the website of the Education Executive Agency (DUO).


PhD scholarship

Do you want to get a PhD? Then you can go to the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) for a PhD grant. This scholarship is for tenured teachers from all educational sectors. Grant recipients will be exempted from teaching for a maximum of 5 FTEs for a maximum of 0,4 years. The grant amounts to 9000 euros. It is advisable to attend an information meeting, because a PhD trajectory requires thorough preparation.

Would you like to know more about the PhD Scholarship? All information can be found on the website of the NWO.


Teaching assistant subsidy for teacher training

Due to the teacher shortage, the Ministry of Education wants to encourage teaching assistants and teacher support staff to follow teacher training. School boards employing the teaching assistants can apply for a subsidy. The teaching assistant must, however, show the registration of the study program and applications can only be made once the study program has started. This concerns an amount of five thousand euros per teaching assistant per year with a maximum of 20 thousand euros.

View all conditions on the website of the Service Implementation Grants to Institutions.


Teachers' allowance

Students or transfer students who follow a teacher training course or a first or second grade teacher training at a university of applied sciences or university can apply for the 'Teachers' allowance once only. The amount depends on your income and that of a possible partner. Side-entrants and students who wish to obtain a pedagogical-didactic certificate are also eligible for this allowance.

More information about the Teachers' Allowance? Go to the website of the Education Executive Agency from the national government.


Subsidy for short training courses for secondary education

Teachers who work in secondary education or who want to work in this sector can obtain the appropriate authorization with this subsidy. It is a short training course and there is a maximum of 6000 euros. For example, have you completed the PABO and do you want to work in the lower years of the basic and management vocational courses of the VMBO? Then you are eligible for this subsidy. This subsidy is also intended for educational modules.

More information about this subsidy? Go to the website Education Executive Agency.


Side intake subsidy

Employers can receive a subsidy for side-entrants who want to obtain their teaching qualification within two years. It concerns 20 thousand euros per side entrant. There is a fixed amount of subsidy for each education sector.

More information about subsidy side intake? Go to the website of the Education Executive Agency from the national government.


Trainees in education

The training program 'Trainees in education' aims to get academics into education. As a trainee you will receive a fully paid university education as a teacher in your field. In addition, there will be intensive supervision and you can obtain a first-degree teaching qualification within two years. If you graduated between 0 and 7 years old and had a grade average of 7 on your master's degree and are motivated to work as a teacher, you can win a internship. This program is the successor to the Eerste de Klas project that ended in June 2018.

More information? Go to the website of Trainees in Education.


Temporary subsidy scheme for people over 45 in education

Do you work in education, primary education, secondary vocational education, higher vocational education or university, and are you 45 or older? Then you can use a temporary subsidy scheme of the Ministry of Social Affairs. With the grant you can immerse yourself in your career for free with the help of a professional career advisor. The subsidy scheme allows teachers and other teaching staff to receive advice from a professional career counselor. The subsidies are available until January 10, 2020 for people over 45 who work at least 12 hours per week in education.

More information about the temporary subsidy scheme? Go to the website of Social Affairs. 


The Hague Teachers' Fair

Teachers who work at a secondary school in the region of The Hague and who are no longer eligible for the national Teachers' Scholarship or the side entry scheme, can still obtain their qualification or a higher qualification with this local teacher grant. This is a maximum of 3500 euros per teacher for a full-time appointment, part-time pro rata. You can apply until the budget is used up.

Would you like to know more about the Hague Teachers' Fair? Go to the website The Red carpet of the City of The Hague.


Rotterdam Teachers' Fair

The Rotterdam Teachers' Fair is part of the 'Teachers CLA'. This scholarship allows you to strengthen your professionalism by taking a course. For example, a course in aggression coaching, a week in a subject or a training in mindfulness. The grant amounts to a maximum of 1750 euros per person.

More information and all conditions about the Rotterdam Teachers' Fair can be found on the website of the City of Rotterdam.


Teachers' agenda Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there is a package of measures to improve the image of the teacher profession and to recruit new teachers. There is, for example, the 'Prefer for the classroom' campaign to attract new teachers. On the website future teachers can see which route they have to take with their previous education to work at an Amsterdam school.

Amsterdam also has a subsidy scheme that you can apply for training with the school team. This subsidy is available for primary education, secondary (special) education and MBO. Read more about it this page. 

School administrators in primary education, secondary (special) education can also receive a subsidy for the supervision of side entrants. Read the conditions via this link. 

More information about the various subsidies can be found on the website of the City of Amsterdam.  


Erasmus + teacher mobility

Erasmus +, successor to Lifelong Learning, is a European subsidy program that will run from 2014 to 2020. This program has earmarked 14,7 billion euros. Action line one 'individual mobility' is aimed at professionalising educational staff. The aim of this action line is to provide teachers with options for professional development and development of their competences, by participating in courses abroad and by teaching abroad. Participation in courses abroad or teaching at a school abroad is eligible for this subsidy. These are periods of two days to two months.

More information can be found on the website of Erasmus+