Tips for a good duo collaboration

The collaboration with a duo colleague is sometimes just like a marriage. It's nice to share, but irritations are lurking. It is no longer possible to do without duos in primary education: almost three quarters of the staff work part-time, according to the report Trends and Figures. How do you work well together?

  1. Investigate each other's qualities and pitfalls

    You should be stronger together. For example, if your partner is able to limit your enthusiasm because she is good at offering structures and boundaries.

  2. Use each other's strengths

    Are you super creative, but is history not your forte? Or does your colleague have some physical limitations? Plan the lessons in such a way that you teach the gym class and the creative subjects and let your colleague enjoy the history lesson.

  3. Provide a single point of contact

    If something is wrong with a child or with parents, it is smart to designate a single point of contact. This way you prevent communication problems or that parents or authorities play you off against each other.

  4. Make clear agreements

    Ensure a clear division of tasks, a good handover and a joint agenda.

  5. Have joint rituals

    For children it is important that they know where they stand, for example when celebrating a birthday or when going outside.

  6. Stay in conversation

    Say what you think, feel and experience as much as possible and be open to each other's ideas. Don't let the other person guess what's going on inside you.

  7. Give each other space

    Of course you provide a joint vision and make clear agreements. But it is equally important that you allow each other the space to do things your way.

  8. See the benefits

    Of course there are disadvantages to a job sharing, but see the advantages! For example, many couples exchange their working days so that they can go on vacation longer.