Tips against hacking

Being safe starts with not thinking you are safe. Not even as a primary school. Hackers are getting younger, or sometimes teens want to trick their old school. How do you secure your school as well as possible?

  1. Where is what?

    Make an inventory of the vulnerable information and systems. And take security measures.

  2. Do a hack yourself

    Have a penetration test carried out regularly by a specialized company or by a bunch of smart students.

  3. Identify intruders

    Make sure your system can record who intrudes (that's called: forsensic readiness)

  4. Updates: do it!

    Run security updates at a fixed time every week.

  5. Change Password

    Have all your employees change their password once in a while.

  6. Declaration

    Report any data breach to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which is mandatory and report it to the police.

  7. Segregate traffic

    Ensure that the data traffic of teachers and students is separated. So use a different network for digital learning resources than for your grade administration.

  8. The young brother

    Do not think that you are safe as a primary school. A hacker might have a younger sister or brother, or maybe he wants to trick his old primary school. Hackers are also getting younger.

  9. Stay sharp

    Always be on the lookout for potential hacks. Some go on for months before they are discovered.