Ten application tips to land your dream job

It may be getting easier to find a job, but applying for a job remains serious if you want that one top job at the school of your dreams. Below are the top 10 application tips, written from the mouths of school leaders. Good luck!


  1. Conduct research

    Google the school, check the site, check the Facebook page. What is the school vision, what kind of education is provided and which students go to it?

  2. Join the school mission

    In your cover letter, refer to what you know about the school and state which experience or competencies you have that are perfectly in line with the school mission.

  3. Omit irrelevant experience

    Match your letter and CV to the vacancy. Focus on what is important to this job and omit experience that is irrelevant to this position.

  4. Show, don't tell

    Avoid the phrase "I have a lot of experience" in your letter. Just tell where it shows.

  5. Call on

    It may seem old-fashioned, but it is still effective: calling with a substantive question about the vacancy. That first acquaintance, before you send your letter, colors your application.

  6. Desire full-time or part-time

    Do you want to fulfill a full-time job part-time? Preferably, only express this wish in a possible second conversation or when there is a click in the first conversation.

  7. Request feedback

    Ask for feedback on your letter from someone who understands job applications and language.

  8. Look up the most frequently asked questions

    Search the Internet for and prepare the most frequently asked interview questions. For example, know how to express your good and bad qualities.

  9. Regular prick: creating a pedagogical climate

    Also to prepare, because almost always a fixed priority: how do you create a good pedagogical climate? For a school, this weighs even more heavily than your professional knowledge.

  10. The first impression counts

    The first impression counts, so make sure you look well-groomed when you have an interview, and that you are on time and partly because of that relaxed.

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