Six tips for side-entrants

Are you a side entry into education or do you want to become one? Then read these tips!

  1. Take plenty of time for orientation

    Join a school for a few days. Talk to teachers from your circle of acquaintances or friends. Read the dog of the sector in which you want to work. You can also do this salary check to get an idea of ​​your future income.

  2. Choose the route that suits you

    Do you not yet have relevant prior education and practical experience? Then a part-time course is probably the most suitable. Do you have prior theoretical knowledge and have you already worked with children or young people? Then the subsidized side entry route might suit you.

  3. Directly in front of the class? Only if you can also do it privately

    Learning the trade, while also teaching is tough! See also the article 'Side entry is not for wimps'. Don't do it if you have a pregnancy wish or other big live events are in the pipeline. And inform your surroundings. You will not have much time for family or friends in the coming period.

  4. Check whether guidance has been arranged

    Do not immediately teach in schools with many inexperienced or temporary teachers. Chances are that no one can guide and support you properly. Put in black and white who is guiding you and for what purpose. The best is a 'mentor' for your daily questions and a 'coach' for more in-depth learning.

  5. Gain as broad experience as possible

    If possible, start in the middle school - that is less intense than, for example, group 8, or first-year students work - but try to work with as many age categories as possible during your training. Then you have more freedom of choice in functions later.

  6. Protect yourself from overtime

    Learning something new is tiring anyway. And due to staff shortages, overtime is constantly lurking. Especially for starting enthusiasts. So sign off, say no and ring the bell before it gets too much for you.