Risky blows: to intervene or not?

Intervening in fights, that goes without saying. Or not, because the teacher who takes the hit takes a risk, up to disability. Five tips about personal injury.

  1. Intervene in time with problems between students

    Teacher Natascha de Jager: “Prevent problems by being there on time. These fighting children had been a hassle for a long time, even outside of school, but we didn't know that. I thought fighting in the schoolyard in this neighborhood was normal, but it's not happening at my new school.”

  2. Bring in a colleague

    AOb-lawyer Marcel Crum: “Never jump in on a whim, preferably bring in a colleague. Just like a fight in the pub, you can get a blow that isn't meant for you at all."

  3. Don't look for escalation

    Anonymous AVO teacher: “Make no mistake, a boy of fifteen or sixteen is extremely strong when he is angry. Never look for that escalation.”

  4. Report injury to the employer as soon as possible

    Carolina Landstra of Ratio Injury Damage: “Keep the case clear, report injury to the employer as soon as possible.”

  5. Find a representative

    Peter Blom (Ratio Injury Damage): “Take the discussion out of the employment relationship, turn it into an insurance issue, with a representative who conducts the discussion.”

  6. Join the AOb

    AOb-members who have been injured as a result of an accident or other trouble at work, receive support from the association free of charge. Preferably quickly and without procedure. Become a member of the association and view all conditions.