Bad ventilation at your workplace? You can do this!

A well-ventilated workplace is important for the health and proper functioning of you and your students. Is that the case in your classroom? Check what you can do in 6 steps.

  1. Measuring and researching

    The CO2 concentration is a good yardstick to find out whether there is sufficient ventilation.

    #Place CO2 meters in the classrooms and in other crowded places within the building. Is the CO2 concentration above 800 ppm? Additional measures may need to be taken, such as renewing air filters

    #Can there be insufficient ventilation? Then the classroom does not meet the standards of the Arbo and the RIVM

  2. Report to the management

    The management is obliged to ensure adequate ventilation. when you go to school
    If the department cannot solve this itself, it must be reported as an urgent problem
    be with a facility service or with the board. If colleagues have doubts
    (continue to) exist about whether the ventilation is in order, an investigation by a
    provide clarity to an independent third party. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has
    subsidy made available for improving the indoor climate in schools.

  3. Raise it with the mr or or

    The mr or or can also raise ventilation problems and make agreements about this
    to do with school management. In the case of occupational health and safety measures, which concern safety and
    health, mr and or have consenting rights. They may also insist on
    research by experts. Furthermore, these councils can obtain external advice themselves, for example from the Knowledge Center Ruimte-OK, the GGD or the trade union.

  4. Report to the Labor Inspectorate

    If your employer fails to take measures, you can report it to the Labor Inspectorate. You can get that message do online. AOb-policy officer Marcel Koning: “An employer must comply with the Working Conditions Act! He or she may be far away in a board office, but no one is allowed to work in an unhealthy and harmful indoor climate.” And, he adds: it has been known for 2 years that a CO15 concentration that is too high is bad for health and learning performance. “Corona has demonstrably increased the urgency to tackle this. So sit on top of that, as parents and staff in the mr. This is the moment.”

    You can also make a report together with the AOb. Then send an email to: The inspectorate must always take action when reporting a trade union, mr or or.

  5. No lesson in unsafe space

    In rooms where the applicable standards for adequate ventilation in severe
    degree are exceeded, you do not teach. Pull together as colleagues to realize a healthy workplace. Also inform parents and students, it is also about their health.

  6. lay down work

    Finally, you have the right to work under Article 29 of the Working Conditions Act
    interrupt if the room in which you are teaching is not adequate. If in doubt, please contact us first. Download the sample letter and read the accompanying explanation (note: word file) to put down your work.

  7. Read more and information

    De AOb made several guidelines on the subject of ventilation that can help you further.

    #Download the guideline for basic education

    #Download the guideline for senior secondary vocational education and higher education

    #Download the step-by-step plan: 'Bad ventilation at your workplace? You can do this'

    #Download the sample letter with explanation for work interruption due to poor ventilation

    #Read the article: 'No excuses, work on clean air in schools'

    #Handy app from Boink with tips about ventilation. Download for free.