How do you keep a tough class in check?

You have no control over the group, teaching does not work out and your night's sleep suffers. These are the sour ingredients of a 'boring class'. How do you keep that class in check? Ten tips.

  1. Take a step back

    Take a step back and let go of the idea that you have to finish a lesson.

  2. Break the routine

    If your working method does not meet the needs of the class, it is time for something else.

  3. Ask for advice

    Don't slog on your own. In conversation with colleagues about a child you come up with plans and ideas.

  4. Set up rules with your class

    Three to five class rules will suffice, but make sure kids stick to them.

  5. Stay calm

    Don't try to shout all over your class. They are more.

  6. Play the silent majority

    Invest in a social emotional skills program that teaches children to take responsibility.

  7. Focus on group formation

    Individuals form a group when there are common goals. Mutual competition is a disturbing factor in this.

  8. Sit shortly

    Even eye contact can be enough. Sometimes children do not realize that they are disturbing the business.

  9. Don't leave them alone during the break

    Quarrels, sorry moments, and teasing take place during playtime.

  10. Listen

    Try to discover what children think and feel and dare to be vulnerable. Question: "Did I say something wrong that bothers you?"