Five tips for more happiness at work

Experiencing autonomy and professional space are very important for your happiness at work. But how do you stand up for your profession and yourself as a teacher in the hectic pace of the day? Maike Douglas (Miss Maike) describes this in her book 'The Happy Teacher'. Below are five tips. Knowing more? Read also the article about happiness in the Education magazine of October 2021.

  1. Know what you stand for

    What are you good at, what makes you happy, how would you prefer to teach and what do you need for that?

  2. Know your rights and obligations

    Only if you are aware of what is going on and what is and is not possible can you have a say.

  3. Stand up for yourself

    A matter of just doing it. Practice (first in front of the mirror if necessary): give your opinion, say no or ask for what you need. A professional who makes himself heard is seen as a serious discussion partner.

  4. Work together

    You make education together, and together you are strong, so look for collectivity. Find people who think the same and start the discussion together.


  5. Stop what doesn't work

    What is important to you must match the vision of the school. If that is not the case and you are unable to change that, find a school that suits you better.