Five tips for more space

Too busy? To enjoy your work, you have to say 'no' more often. Stand up to the system, to your principal. That is quite complicated. Insight into your hours, the new Law profession teacher and the tips below from Björn Deusings of can help. Also read the article: 'No to your boss is okay' from the Education Magazine of September 2017, which explains how you can stand up to your manager.

  1. Make sure you understand your time

    Keep track of all tasks directly in a task manager, such as the free app Todoist. This way you get them out of your head and you literally have everything in order.

  2. Take a break

    Make sure to use the break to recharge and not to call parents or answer students' questions.

  3. Don't procrastinate

    Often large jobs are left behind, which ultimately leads to a lot of stress. Chop them into small pieces, so you can pick them up during an interval.

  4. Choose the right place

    Sit separately or put on headphones if you want to work undisturbed.

  5. Manage expectations

    Indicate what your working days are and that you always respond within two days. Do not email or call in your spare time, because then they expect that the next time too. You can already compose the email and have it sent at a time of your choice, for example with the free Boomerang app.