Five tips for a better break

The advancing continuous schedule in primary education puts pressure on teachers' breaks. Five tips for organizing the break as well as possible.

  1. To merge

    Merge classes during recess and alternate supervision. Divide the teacher team into groups, so that some of the teachers are scheduled for supervision and the other group of teachers can take a break.

  2. Colleagues

    Use the activities of subject teachers and supporters. And, for example, uses teaching assistants or ambulatory counselors for supervision. They can often take a break at another time.

  3. Those involved in the school

    Ask involved people from the school to assist during breaks.

  4. Support base

    Before the school switches to a continuous schedule, think carefully and involve the parents. If you already let them know that you are asking for a contribution, it is less bad than afterwards.

  5. Useful links

    On the website of the employers' organization PO council is a document with examples to schedule breaks. Also read the story about it advancing continuous schedule on our site.