Chaos in the classroom, that's how you combat it

How do you keep order in the classroom? Start strict; to be consequent; do not get angry. As a teacher-to-be you are inundated with tips. A few more? Stand firmly with your feet slightly apart, shoulders back, head up. That's how you look like the boss.


  1. Show that you are the boss

    In your head you must have the conviction that you are the boss. Know your own limits and know which rules are important to you. Once you have reviewed and established the rules with the class, use them consistently. Students often test you. So do not use threats that you cannot or do not want to fulfill.

  2. Watch your body language

    Your words should be in accordance with your body language. Stand firmly, with your feet slightly apart, shoulders back, head up, and give your voice a little more power and volume. That is how you look like the boss. Not with words, but with your body. When your body sends out that you are in charge, the rest will come easier. Certainly in the beginning or with difficult classes it can help.

  3. Make sure you are first in the room

    Make sure you are first in the room. You welcome all students at the door. You also walk around the classroom, have a chat here and there and make sure that the bags disappear from the tables.

  4. Stay true to your own style

    The trick is to find your own style. Do you start with a joke, or do you respond to a recent event? And how do you stop the class? One teacher claps his hands, another coughs loudly. Do whatever suits you. You only learn that by experiencing it. Experience gives confidence.

  5. Use the I message

    What you do not want to happen to you, do not someone else. It's an old saying, but everyone gets it. Nobody likes it when people talk through their story. Always respond with an I message. So don't: 'Stop that nervous tapping with your pen. You're disturbing the lesson. ' But it does: 'You are bothering me. That's how I get out of my story. '

  6. Interpret 'order' broadly

    Order is often associated with rest and regularity. But you don't have to. Order is also task-oriented. For example, if you instruct your students to form groups. Everyone then mixes up; it is restless, but there is order. After all, the group is busy with the task of forming subgroups.

  7. Create distance from the students

    Being too poppy, sitting too much in between the students, wanting the class to laugh at you: completely wrong! You are paid to teach. Then do that. In the beginning it is better to create some distance between yourself and the class, for example by dressing a little more neatly. This makes your position clearer. That helps you gain leadership. Students want a strong leader (not a strict leader, that's something else), because that offers them security and structure.

  8. Put unwilling students to work

    You can ask students who do not want to ask something two, three or four times, but that is of no use. Don't keep getting into them, put them to work. Period! Otherwise you will never get through the curriculum. Don't give too much attention to one annoying student, because you still have 24. By the way, a student does not go to school to undermine the teacher. The class also prefers a fun lesson.

  9. Discuss events outside of the classroom

    A deceased grandmother, a sprained ankle during gym class or an accident in the schoolyard; it can go on giving feedback in the classroom. This creates unrest and distracts the students' attention. Go into it for a moment. Agree in advance how long you will talk about it and set an alarm, for example. Take a moment, you will benefit from that for the rest of the lesson.

  10. Prepare your lessons well

    Good preparation is half the job. Good preparation of the lessons gives you security. And you radiate that. This will strengthen your leadership.

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