AOb Participation

AOb Employee participation offers training and courses that strengthen your council. Follow a training and learn more about employee participation so that you make the best possible use of all the opportunities for participation.

Our trainers are professionals who know everything about employee participation. Learn to negotiate better, assess policy and understand the budget through one of the many courses to follow. Offers for every educational sector - from primary education to higher professional education AOb Participation in various courses. You can find the course offer via this link. 


In addition, tailor-made training is also possible, because no two schools are the same. With a tailor-made training you determine the content of the training together with the other mr / or members and you practice with your own policy documents. The trainer will answer any questions your counsel is dealing with. View on the website of AOb Participation what options there are.


A step further than customization is the intensive supervision of difficult processes in which mr or or can end up. A council may also request the assistance of a professional mediator to resolve a conflict. A trainer of AOb Employee participation takes a while to gain insight into the specific problems. And in the need for guidance in this. The AOb has a specialist for almost all issues in the field of education - for example lump sum, finances, mergers and shrinkage or new construction of the school. Knowing more? Go to AOb Participation. 

Service packet

Also offers AOb Participation service packages On. An MR or OR may be faced with situations and procedures that require very specific knowledge and guidance. The service package offers mr's, councils and support plan councils legal assistance and the security of an education specialist or legal adviser when needed. Do you want to know more about this package? Then look through this link.

On the website AOb Participation you will find all courses, training and packages that the AOb offers to strengthen your participation council or works council.

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All registrations for paid and free courses, conferences or other meetings of the AOb you can easily arrange via AOb Book and Pay. Log in to view or change all your orders. Don't have an account yet? Then create one. Pay attention! This is a different account than MyAOb.