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The Post-Active sector of the AOb focuses on retired teaching staff and monitors the pensions of members who are affiliated with the ABP pension fund. The AOb represents the specific interests of members with an old age pension, or a flexible pension. We also stand up for widows and widowers of post-active members who want to remain members of the union. 

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Education is and will remain the connecting factor for the Post-Active sector. Post-active people also continue to belong to the profession of educators, in the broadest sense of the word. The Education Magazine is sent out monthly and also keeps the Post-Active members informed of developments in education, so that this professional relationship is still alive. And Postactives members of the AOb receive three times a year the magazine 'AOb-plus'.

Influence on your pension

The pension is just as important for Post-Active employees as the collective labor agreement is for working people. Retirement is a permanent part of discussion and change. It AOb-membership strengthens the possibility to have a direct influence on your pension through the FNV. This is in contrast to, for example, senior citizens' associations. The AOb sits with a delegation on the Accountability Body of the ABP, in which many proposed decisions of the ABP Board are closely followed and critical comments are made.

The Post-Active sector has, within the General Members' Meeting of the AOb a delegation of 10 people and we have 1 seat on the main board. So plenty of opportunities to have input within the AOb.


As a post-active member you retain the benefits that all members have:

  • Receive the Education magazine every month
  • Receive the magazine three times a yearAOb-plus'
  • FNV member benefits
  • Free assistance in the event of personal injury as a result of a traffic and industrial accident
  • FNV tax service
  • Information about the WMO and WLZ
  • Regional Meetings with Other Post-Actives


Each district holds regional meetings for post-active members at least once a year, organized by fellow post-active members from the district. The meetings have an informative character, but the informal meeting part is also important.

You can also sign up for the Postactives newsletter. Register via the AObmember app or your personal environment MyAOb.

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