The type of contract is important for your income during the corona crisis.
The type of contract is important for your income during the corona crisis.

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What about my income in times of corona?

Besides concerns about your health and all the work to organize distance learning, we understand that your income situation is not in the foreground. Nevertheless, it is good to reflect on this. Your income situation depends on the type of contract and the nature of the employment relationship. Doubts? Please contact the AOb. Mail: info @aob. Nl

1. I fall under one of the education collective agreements and I have a permanent contract

Your school board must continue to pay wages for the agreed amount of work. You must remain available for work insofar as you are not sick and the work must comply with the guidelines of the RIVM.

Sometimes there is no fixed amount of hours in the contract, this is the case, for example, with a zero-hour contract or a min-max contract. You then have the option of invoking the legal presumption of work size if you have been employed for more than three months. If this appeal is approved, your employer must continue to pay the average salary received, despite the absence of work calls.

2. I fall under one of the education collective agreements and my employment contract is ending

You can apply for a statutory benefit from the UWV benefits agency and a non-statutory benefit from WWPlus (primary, secondary and secondary vocational education), Loyalis (higher education) or Raet (research institutions and universities). You do have to meet the conditions for allocation. Pay particular attention to the non-statutory part, which consists of both additional and secondary parts. Your employer cannot appeal to the Emergency Fund Bridging Employment (NOW). After all, the funding of the national government continues.

3. I fall under a temporary employment and secondment collective agreement (ABU / NBBU)

If work for the client is discontinued, your employer can in many cases terminate the contract. However, the employer must take the notice period into account. If you are in phase C or 4, this is different and the employer must first request permission from the UWV or the subdistrict court.

Tip: make your employer aware of the Emergency Fund Bridging Employment (NOW). Employers may appeal to this if they expect a loss of turnover of at least 20 percent. The scheme also applies to temporary workers. As long as your employer makes use of this new scheme, you may not be fired and you are entitled to full wage payment. Moreover, you will not lose any unemployment benefits.

4. I am a self-employed person in education

Depending on the contractual arrangements made, assignment agreements can generally be canceled relatively easily. However, the notice period must be respected. Afterwards you can apply to the municipality for temporary assistance on the basis of the 'Temporary bridging scheme for independent entrepreneurs(Tozo). There are more flexible conditions, for example there is no asset or partner test and you do not have to repay the benefit afterwards.

Do you have questions about your income? Take then contact the AOb. We are happy to help you. Also check out our frequently asked questions from education staff about the corona crisis through this link. 

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