De AOb today distributed a manifesto with other educational parties calling for closing the pay gap.
De AOb today distributed a manifesto with other educational parties calling for closing the pay gap.

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Unions and employers are calling to close the pay gap

The new cabinet must work to close the pay gap between primary and secondary education. A structural investment of 900 million euros is required for this. This call makes the AOb today together with the other unions and the employers' organization PO-council.

In a manifesto, which is being offered to politicians today, again let the education parties know that the pay gap must be tackled.


At the moment, teachers and support staff in primary education earn less than their second-degree colleagues in secondary education. The parties call for equal salary scales to be set for positions of the same weight as in secondary education. The inequality of the end-of-year bonus and mutual differences in collective agreement allowances are also points that need to be tackled. "The base must be good," said AObdriver Jelmer Evers earlier when he announced the collective labor agreement commitment. He sits on behalf of the AOb at the consultation table for the sector.

The structural investment in primary education is necessary to make the profession attractive and to ensure that staff are retained. "Across the board, there is an unexplainable difference in pay, which stands in the way of solving the teacher and school leader shortage," the manifesto said.

'Across the board, there is an unexplainable difference in pay'

Election programs

MPs from the SP, GroenLinks, PvdA and the Party of the Animals have already served motions to urge - now outgoing - Minister of Education Slob to close the pay gap. The Central Planning Bureau (CPB) that scrutinized all party programs concluded that D66, GroenLinks, SP and the PvdA are allocating an extra 900 million euros annually to close the pay gap. The ChristenUnie also wants to equalize wages, but is attaching a new powers to it. So the election manifestos recognize the problem.


Recently the education ministers announced that 8,5 billion euros will be released for education. Evers said about that earlier: 'That's great, but these are incidental investments that don't solve the teacher shortage. This requires real structural money. And as the corona crisis shows, education is a crucial profession. '

Download the complete manifesto. The best-known side-entry graduate Merel van Vroonhoven also wants to close the pay gap. read the interview from the Education Magazine with her. 

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