'You cannot solve a structural issue with temporary money'
'You cannot solve a structural issue with temporary money'

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Temporary pay rise in disadvantaged schools is 'Slolossing'

The temporary pay increase for teachers in disadvantaged schools does not solve anything. That says driver Thijs Roovers of the AOb. “It is as we are used to from this minister: he comes up with a measure that seems to be a solution, but it is not. We now call it a Sloblossing.”

The minister announced this morning that teachers, school leaders and other staff at schools with many disadvantages will receive an average of 8 percent extra wages over the next two years. This temporary wage increase should make working at these schools more attractive.

Minister Slob receives the money for the temporary salary supplement, 375 million euros, from the National Education Programme. He first wanted the social partners to lay down this in a collective labor agreement or a covenant, but the trade unions AOb, AVS, CNVO, FvOv, FNV and the employers' organizations PO-raad and VO-raad did not agree to this.

“If you start to reward better at one school, you pull teachers away from another school – and those children also have a right to education”

"There is talk of a structural issue that requires structural investment," the unions and employers wrote in a statement before the summer. joint letter to the House of Representatives. This led to a major clash with the minister.

Minister Arie Slob of Education has now pushed through the measure herself. “But it doesn't solve the problems,” says AObdirector Thijs Roovers. “First of all, it's incidental money. And there is no bank that will give you a higher mortgage on the basis of a temporary, two-year surcharge.


Furthermore, according to Roovers, there is a waterbed effect. “There is a huge teacher shortage, and if you start rewarding one school better, you pull teachers away from another school – for whom no one will replace. While the children at that other school also have the right to education. So this is what we call a 'Sloloss' these days: a temporary solution that actually doesn't solve anything.”


According to Roovers, the only remedy for the teacher shortage in disadvantaged schools and other schools is to increase salaries in all schools. “This requires extra, structural money. Minister Slob now points to the new cabinet, but that is a sign of weakness. Because during the past term of office he had plenty of time to come up with structural money himself and he has not done that.”

350 €

According to Slob, more than thirteen hundred schools would be eligible for the temporary wage increase. A teacher at a primary school with many disadvantaged pupils receives about 350 euros gross per month, a teacher at a secondary school about 430 euros per month. The amount depends on the number of students at the school and, of course, on the size of the appointment and the salary scale.

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