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Supporters agree to new collective labor agreement MBO

Members of the AOb overwhelmingly agree with the new collective labor agreement for senior secondary vocational education. More than 84 percent indicated this in the poll. The other unions and the MBO council, which represents the boards, have also agreed. The collective labor agreement for mbo is thus final.

The poll is by 1349 AOb-members from MBO filled in; 84,4 percent (1139 members) voted in favor of the negotiator's agreement and 15,6 percent (210 members) rejected it. The AObsector council, which gives the final verdict, approved the agreement last Wednesday. AObdriver Henrik de Moel is satisfied. “I am pleased that so many members have taken the trouble to respond to the agreement and are in favor of it by a large majority.”

At the beginning of June, the negotiators known that there was a new agreement for MBO containing a wage increase of 4,2 percent and a one-off payment of 600 euros gross. The school boards will pay this salary increase in July. Usage already the Salary check of the AOb to see an indication of what your payslip will look like in that month.

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In addition to wages, agreements have been made about a higher travel allowance. This has been increased from 15 to 19 euro cents per kilometer and school boards reimburse 30 kilometers per day more. For older colleagues there will be more opportunities to work less while losing wages.

"It is great that so many members have taken the trouble to respond to the agreement and agree with a large majority"

With regard to the career prospects and the progression to higher salary scales, this collective labor agreement stipulates that there may be no further decrease in the number of people in the higher salary scales LC and LD. The AOb is lobbying politicians with the MBO council to obtain 90 million euros in structural funding.


In the open comments, members write: 'Good work, thanks for this', 'Nice agreement' and 'Great salary increase and mileage allowance.' Career prospects are, however, regularly mentioned as something that needs to be worked on. 'There is too little prospect for young employees to have a career and I miss adjustments in the Generation Pact. If the MBO council cannot discuss this, because they are dependent on the ministry, then we should negotiate with the ministry.'

Earlier, De Moel said that he would like to make further agreements about improving career prospects. “But it's hard to do this without extra money. That is why we are working together with the MBO council to make this happen.' Recently, the educational organizations sent together a letter to the House of Representatives on this subject.

View what your new payslip looks like via the handy tool of the AOb: the salary check. Op the CLA page you will find all the main points and agreements from this agreement.

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