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Do I have to come back on my day off?

Eva works three days a week. Thursday and Friday are her days off. Nevertheless, it regularly happens that Eva has to come back on a Friday for a study day. She asks our employees if this is possible.

Returning on a non-working day may indeed be required of you. It seems contradictory, because you are normally scheduled for that day, but it fits in the bigger picture of your annual schedule.

annual task

Activities included in the annual schedule are part of the annual task and are therefore regular working hours. Study days, for example, are part of your job hours. So it may be that you are 'lessons free' but still have to come back for training, a meeting or another school activity, for example. This is different in the case of leave on the basis of Sustainable Employability (formerly bapo) or parental leave. You are exempt from all work on those days. If you do have to come back, the school has to compensate for this. You can then take the day at a different time. After all, you (partly) pay for these days yourself.

Activities included in the annual schedule are part of the annual task and are therefore regular working hours

In a week in which you have a study day, it may feel like extra work. That is also the case if you look purely at that week. However, there is no overtime. This extra day worked counts towards your annual workload, so you don't have to work those hours elsewhere. If you work more than you should according to your annual workload, then there is overtime and your employer must compensate this. If you have any doubts about the correctness of your annual task, please Contact up with our employees.

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