The sector council of the AOb has agreed to the CLA for secondary education.
The sector council of the AOb has agreed to the CLA for secondary education.

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Sector council agrees to collective labor agreement

De AObsector council approved the agreement for a new collective labor agreement in secondary education last Friday. “Our supporters think the agreement, which mainly results in a wage increase, is enough for now to agree to it,” says AObdirector Henrik de Moel.

On April 9, the unions and the employers' organization VO council came to an agreement. As of 1 March, salaries will increase by 2,75 percent and the end-of-year bonus by 0,6 percent. All employees in secondary education also receive a one-off payment of 750 euros. They can expect that money on their pay slip in June.


Before the agreement is final, all members of the various unions and employers must agree. The sector council of the AOb, which has about 24 members who work in secondary schools, did so last Friday. The supporters of CNV also agree. The FvOv will know on April 28 whether the members agree and the VO council will know this from the school boards on April XNUMX.


The poll that the AOb prior to the sector council held among members, also showed agreement: three quarters ticked 'agreement' as the final verdict on all agreements. 'Sensible agreement, not ideal, but opportune', one member wrote. Another agreed, but mentioned the workload. 'Next time work pressure on number 1'.

De Moel left earlier already know that unfortunately the negotiators could not make agreements about the workload. Structural funding is needed from the cabinet for this, which was not achieved last autumn, despite all the actions. He indicates that the AOb remains committed to structurally reducing the workload in secondary education.


If the employers agree, the collective labor agreement applies with retroactive effect from 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021.

All the news about your collective labor agreement can be found on the collective labor agreement page via this link. 

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