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Willem stood in front of the class independently for years as a teaching assistant. Now that he has obtained his teaching certificate, he does not see his years of experience reflected in the salary. Is that allowed?

Willem has worked as a primary school teacher for the past fifteen years, while he was not qualified to teach. His employer did not pay him in a teacher's scale, but as a teaching assistant (scale 4), his actual position. According to his employer, it would be a temporary solution at the time, but this took much longer than expected.


Willem has not been idle and has now obtained his PABO diploma. He is discussing a teaching position with his employer. His employer wants to classify him in L10, step 1, a starting salary. Willem calls the AOb; can his employer scale him like this?

There is relevant work experience and his employer has been able to reap the benefits of his efforts for years

The collective labor agreement for primary education states that in the event of a temporary change in tasks or the observation of a position, agreements must be made about the salary. This did not happen at the time. Willem could possibly discuss this afterwards. However, it is mainly the scaling that bothers Willem. He's been teaching for years, hasn't he?


You can usually say that someone is placed in the new salary scale when they are promoted to the so-called 'next higher' classification. In that regard, a classification in L10 step 1 would not be illogical. The final step of scale 4 is lower than the first step of scale L10.
However, this cannot be reconciled with the fifteen years that Willem has been teaching. Unauthorized or not, there is certainly relevant work experience and his employer has also been able to reap the benefits of his efforts for years. The advice is therefore to re-enter the discussion about the grading, possibly with the support of the AOb.

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