The first and second corrections will be tight this year.
The first and second corrections will be tight this year.

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Central exam protocols available

The latest protocols and advice table for the central final exams are available. Because there are three periods this year and an extra resit, the time available to check is tight. “It is all very careful,” says Albert van der Meer, secretary of the AObsector board vo.

De AOb recommends teachers, school leaders and exam secretaries to make use of the advice table which the union has made together with other educational organizations for the first and second corrections. It indicates for each course on which day the exams must be received by the teachers who mark them. For the table, the organizations looked at how the review time can be used as much as possible.

In the annual protocols there are suggestions on how to ensure that the exams and correction run as smoothly as possible.


It was already known that the final exams in secondary education require more work than usual. This is because an extra time slot has been added. In the North region, the marking of the final exams can therefore continue until the summer holidays. The cabinet has made money available to support schools, teachers and supporters for that extra work compensate.


As a teacher, do you run into problems related to the final exams? Please contact Albert van der Meer via: avdmeer @aob. Nl

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