Education minister Dijkgraaf says that he will not allocate 90 million euros to allow more teachers to move up to higher positions in MBO.
Education minister Dijkgraaf says that he will not allocate 90 million euros to allow more teachers to move up to higher positions in MBO.

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Now not 90 million for moving up to higher salary scales MBO

Education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf is not going to make 90 million euros available on a structural basis to improve salaries in MBO. He thus ignores the appeal of the employers' organization MBO-raad and the unions that asked for the investment several times.

The minister announced this last Friday with a letter to the House of Representatives. MPs had asked the minister to respond to the earlier letters sent with calls from the AOb and the MBO council. AObdriver Henrik de Moel is disappointed. “The minister considers the teacher shortage 'the mother' of all problems and also thinks that the profession should be more attractive, but does not want to make this investment,” says De Moel. "We will continue to do our best to convince the House and the Minister that this investment is necessary."

AOb- director Henrik de Moel: 'We will continue to do our best to convince the House and the minister that this investment is necessary'

The latest collective labor agreement negotiations showed that the unions and the MBO council consider the scaling up of teachers to be an important theme. In the past, money was only made available for teachers who work on a ROC in the Randstad, but in the last MBO negotiator agreement is in place that the distinction between the rest of the Netherlands and the Randstad is 'undesirable'. The AOb has been lobbying for some time with employers to obtain a structural release of 90 million euros so that more colleagues outside the Randstad can also move up to higher salary scales.

Substantial investments

Dijkgraaf now states in his letter that he considers an attractive profession important. 'I share that analysis', the minister writes. 'Institutions have also issued signals about increasing shortages in MBO and it is important that education is provided by good teachers.'

That is why he points out, among other things, 'substantial investments for MBO in the spring policy document', such as for lateral entry, good training and the regional approach to teacher shortages, but he also clearly states that no 'funds have been reserved for increasing the scheme. salary mix'. Dijkgraaf doubts whether extra money will lead to more lecturers being placed in the higher LC scale and writes that the proportion of LC lecturers in the Randstad has actually decreased in recent years, despite the scheme.


The minister also refers to the agreement in the negotiator's agreement in which the unions and the MBO council agree that they will jointly ensure that there is no further decrease in the number of people in higher salary positions LC and LD. He believes it is important that proper agreements are made about the salary mix, but sees this as a task for the unions and the MBO institutions.

De Moel: “Our agreement in the collective labor agreement that the number of people in senior positions must not fall, does not lead to the elimination of the distinction between the Randstad and the rest of the Netherlands. The AOb considers this distinction to be unjustified, in order to attract sufficient, well-qualified staff, the attractiveness of the profession must be increased, and a career perspective is one of the components of this. It should not matter where you work.” 

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