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New collective labor agreement for research institutions has been finalized

Employees at research institutions have a new collective labor agreement that takes effect retroactively from 1 January of this year. Everyone gets a 1,4 percent pay rise. AObsector manager Donald Pechler is satisfied with the result.

“We mainly wanted to retain purchasing power,” says Pechler who on behalf of the AOb sat at the collective labor agreement table. With retroactive effect from 1 January 2021, all employees will receive a structural salary increase of 1,4 percent. The wage increase is included in the pensions from the beginning of this year.

In addition, agreements have been made about maternity leave for partners. Now they receive 70 percent of the maximum daily wage from the UWV benefits agency if they take the five-week birth leave. The unions and employers have agreed to supplement this amount to 100 percent. Moreover, the leave accrual remains the same as for other paid leave. The bereavement leave scheme has been expanded. In the event of the death of first- or second-degree family members, employees may from now on take one week of unpaid leave in addition to the already applicable four days of paid leave.


The collective labor agreement has a term of one year and applies from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. The central management of the AOb has agreed to the deal, as have the constituencies of the other unions.

Download the Collective Labor Agreement for Research Institutes via this link.

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