The new collection dates are known.
The new collection dates are known.

Picture: Nanne Meulendijks

New collection data contribution announced

The collection dates of the monthly contribution of the AOb are known for the year 2021. View the dates on which you can expect your account to be debited.

In 2021, the AObcontribution debited from your account on the following dates. This is done with a direct debit. The contribution for the relevant month is debited at the end of the same month.

The dates are:

  • January 26 2021
  • 26 February 2021
  • 26 March 2021
  • to April 26, 2021
  • May 26th 2021
  • 28 June 2021
  • 26 July 2021
  • 26 August 2021
  • 27 September 2021
  • 26 October 2021
  • November 26 2021
  • December 27 2021

Working teachers, professionals from scale 9, management and self-employed pay 18,10 euros gross per month. At the end of the year, you will also get a part back through the refund of union dues. Educational support staff up to and including scale 8 pay 12,95 euros gross.

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