Health Minister Hugo de Jonge is tightening up the corona rules in basic education.
Health Minister Hugo de Jonge is tightening up the corona rules in basic education.

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Keep as much distance as possible and meet online

Due to the increasing infections, the Ministry of Education urgently advises to limit other activities at school - outside classes - and to keep distance between adults where possible. Team days and study days should be online as much as possible.

The ministry published today their new FAQ questions and the new protocols are also online on the site 

For everyone in the Netherlands applies the distance rule again between adults and young people from 13 years old. Education, from primary education to academic education, is on the list with exceptions. Keeping a distance of 1,5 meters is not an obligation in this sector, but the Ministry advises adults to do so where possible.


Another advice regarding the basic rules is that parents are no longer allowed to enter the school, unless there is really no other option. And then they have to keep their distance from the staff in the schools. AOb-chairman Tamar van Gelder pleaded earlier even for keeping parents out of schools to prevent infections. Parents are also not allowed to be present at celebrations, such as Sinterklaas. This should only be celebrated with the group.

Open days

The ministry calls on secondary schools to organize or cancel open days as much as possible in a different way. 'We advise to limit the activities at school to the primary process of teaching,' the ministry writes.

Furthermore, the cabinet insists on compliance with the basic rules - washing hands, sneezing in elbows, ventilation - and the tightened quarantine rules which also apply to teaching staff and through which schools more classes have to send home. Everyone should also stay home if they have complaints and take a test first.


Schools are free to set even more rules themselves, but this must be done in consultation with the participation council. For example, they can opt for walking routes in the school or staggered breaks.

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