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The pay gap is closed. on shows you quickly and easily how much you will improve in salary. Also for non-members.

The pay gap – the difference in salary between primary school teachers and their colleagues in secondary education – has closed. What does that mean to you? You can see that on† (The salary checker was down on King's Day due to a technical malfunction. This has now been resolved - apologies for the inconvenience.)

Note: AObeducation salary is a calculation tool that allows you to see what your salary will be per month.

- The year-end bonus and the binding allowance are not included, except in the month of the year in which they are paid.

- The labor market allowance from NPO funds is often not included, which depends on the sector and school where you work.

- The labor market allowance for (deputy) directors has not yet been added to the salary of the A and D scales.

– The ministry has communicated a salary increase of 440 euros per month (with a full-time appointment). That includes all surcharges and calculated over a longer period† This is not the amount that you will receive extra in the short term.

– Keeps the salary check no account for a new periodical in the following school year.

- AObeducational salary remains a calculation tool, whereby we approach as closely as possible what you receive per month. Ultimately, of course, what you get on your pay slip applies.

Become a member!

Send the link of the website especially to your colleagues who are not members of the AOb, because they can also check their new salary there. And become a member naturally. Because if there's one reason for a AObmembership, then it must be this historic victory, says AOb- director Thijs Roovers: “This has taught me that uniting is the only way to force improvements. We have forgotten that in the Netherlands, joining a trade union, but the power of big money reigns and the voice of the workplace is not listened to enough.”

AOb-driver Thijs Roovers: 'Unification is the only way to enforce improvements'

According to Roovers, a lot still needs to be done in education. “For example, the teacher shortage is far from being solved. I'm ready to face it, but I need your help. Become a member now. I cannot say it more clearly.”

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