'We will ensure that politics can no longer ignore the pink elephant'
'We will ensure that politics can no longer ignore the pink elephant'

Statue: AOb

AOb protests against frantically ignoring teacher shortages

After the cabinet formation, the new minister of education must do everything possible to solve the teacher shortage. This was stated by members of the House of Representatives today at the protest of the AOb.

'How is it possible that solving the teacher shortage has not come closer in four years?', Lisa Westerveld (GroenLinks) wondered. “Other ministries have been able to make billions in structural expenditure and investments, while Minister Slob only came up with incidental money for education.”

“If you address Minister Slob about something,” says Peter Kwint (SP), “he only comes up with a summary of everything he has done. But solving the teacher shortage is never one of them.”

'It's a piggy bank, so money can be added. Well, it won't be up to me'

For the time being, Kwint is also not warm to the very preliminary test of the start of a coalition agreement. “In any case, it says nothing about solving the pay gap between primary school teachers and their secondary school colleagues.” That pay gap has to go', says Paul van Meenen (D66). “Just like the teacher shortage.”


De AObToday's action was all about the 'pink elephant'. Because Merel van Vroonhoven, the driving force behind the fight against the teacher shortage, described the way in which politicians deal with the teacher shortage as a 'pink elephant': an animal that must be frantically ignored.

“We are going to make sure that politicians can no longer ignore the pink elephant,” says Van Gelder. “Teacher shortages are increasing, putting the quality of education under increasing pressure. Solving this issue requires large, structural investments.”

Money box

Tamar van Gelder also gave the MPs a small symbolic piggy bank, in the shape of a pink elephant. “It's a piggy bank, so money can be added,” joked MP Van Meenen. "Well, it won't be up to me."

“Our position sometimes differs from that of the trade union”, finally stated the new MP Mariëlle Paul (VVD), “But be assured of one thing: I believe that everyone should be able to make something beautiful out of their lives, and that education is very important. way to get around that. I will do my very best for that.”


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