`` I have the feeling that I am always 2-0 behind ''
`` I have the feeling that I am always 2-0 behind ''

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Legal advice: Research and education difficult to combine

Assistant professor Sven enjoys teaching and is happy to work on his research. But because teaching tasks must always be given priority, his research is jeopardized. His supervisor calls him on the mat for this.

In the academic field *Read this article in English most employees have both teaching and research tasks, but it often turns out to be difficult to balance the two. They compete for the scarce time available. Employees are sometimes so cluttered with teaching tasks that the research part is strained. At the edges of the day, in the evenings and even at the weekend, efforts are made to catch up with research obligations. "It gives me the feeling that I am always 2-0 behind", says Sven who with the AOb contacts his employer after a serious discussion.

Publication obligation

Sven has been told that he does not comply with his obligation to publish. His supervisor thinks this is a problem and is not confident that it will go well. Sven indicates that the balance between education and research has been lost for some time. The situation should be such that he actually has time for research. That means fewer teaching and more research hours.

'Sven does not show the ambition needed for this position'

This turns out not to be discussed. The distribution of hours is customary and Sven does not show the ambition required for this position, according to the employer. He wants Sven to resign for the research part and continue as a teacher (with fewer hours). “Otherwise, an assessment process will follow.”

Annual appraisal

To emphasize his point, the manager will schedule an annual appraisal within a week. The AOblawyer indicates that Sven should be given a reasonable period of time to still comply with the publication obligation. The fact that the employer has no confidence in this does not detract from this. Sven must also be given the hours that are reasonable for his research field. This often involves looking at the number of hours colleagues are given for similar research. Finally, Sven should be given sufficient time to carefully prepare for the annual performance appraisal. On the advice of the AOb Sven requests an extension for this. What the lawyer Sven certainly advises against is to resign at his own request. This results in culpable unemployment and thus the possibility of claiming unemployment benefits is no longer possible.


Sven has now had the annual appraisal with his manager and the advice of the AOb included therein. Unfortunately, he has not been given any extra hours for his research tasks, but Sven will be given an extra year to comply with his publication obligation. He is especially relieved that the imminent dismissal has now been canceled.

This section is based on practical experience of AOblawyers


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