In the case of infections, entire classes will no longer have to be quarantined.
In the case of infections, entire classes will no longer have to be quarantined.

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Education almost back to 'normal'

The mask obligation in secondary education will be canceled, as will the mandatory quarantine for entire classes. "It makes sense that we go along with the relaxation", responds AObchairman Tamar van Gelder. “It is a real problem that the ventilation in many schools is not yet in order.”

From September 25, society will return to normal, resigned Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed during the corona press conference.

In imitation of it mbo and higher education the one and a half meter measure is also being released in other education sectors. Students, colleagues and parents will no longer have to keep a distance of one and a half meters from the teacher. And in MBO and higher education, the maximum group size of 75 students will be abolished. Lectures for large groups will be possible again soon. “When society as a whole opens up further, it is logical that education will follow suit,” says AObchairman Tamar van Gelder.


In a study of American primary schools, opening windows and doors was found to save about a third of the infections. Hence the AOb has been insisting on it for quite some time: ensure good ventilation. The subsidies that have already been provided for this are inadequate. Van Gelder: “That is not only a problem because of the possible infections; school buildings should be properly ventilated anyway.”


Following the OMT advice, in the event of infections, entire classes will no longer have to be quarantined, but only close contacts of students or educational staff infected with covid. This will come into effect on September 20. “Hopefully that will give schools some peace of mind,” says Van Gelder. “Switching over and over from physical to online was far from ideal for teachers and students. However, strict monitoring must be carried out to determine whether the infections not get out of hand in education.”

Mandatory masks

In secondary, secondary vocational and higher education, it will no longer be mandatory from 25 September to wear a face mask in the hallways. The mouth cap obligation will still exist for student transport. As of June 26, 2021, the mask obligation in public spaces has already expired. Secondary, secondary vocational and higher education were an exception to this.

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Guide to ventilation foundation education
Guidance on ventilation for senior secondary vocational education and higher education

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