The results of the ABP elections are known. The AOb gains one seat.
The results of the ABP elections are known. The AOb gains one seat.

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Doubling AOb-seats among retirees at ABP

De AOb has doubled the number of seats among pensioners in the Accountability Council of the ABP pension fund. Two representatives of this group on behalf of the AOb standing up for interests. In the working-class electoral group, the number of seats of the AOb with three equal.

This is apparent from the final result that the election committee of the ABP pension fund shares today. Between 4 and 24 April, ABP participants could cast their vote.

In total there were 32 seats in the Accountability Body in these elections, spread over two groups: the employed (19 seats) and the retired (13 seats). The AOb has now won 5 seats. In addition to the education unions, there are also representatives of the police, the military and government officials. Three million people are affiliated with the ABP.

'This is a nice result'

Check afterwards

The Accountability Council of the ABP pension fund provides the board with solicited and unsolicited advice, for example on sustainable investment and the way in which the ABP board should implement this. Afterwards, the body checks whether the board has acted correctly.

Elected candidates

Associate professor Christoph Rausch, lecturer in business economics Agnes Taylor and higher vocational education lecturer Gerian Alofs occupy the three AOb-seats for the people who are still working. Tay comes with preferential votes in the Accountability Council, because she was number 4 on the list. In total, more than 12 ABP participants voted for a candidate from the AOb.
The pensioners will receive a total of one additional seat. This gives Arie de Graaf reinforcements in the Accountability Council, but the definitive name is still uncertain. More than 14 thousand people voted for the AOb.

Nice result

“This is a nice result,” says AObpension advisor Roelf van der Ploeg. “We can now work even better on our positions.” That's how the AOb, which is part of the FNV-ACOP faction in the Accountability Body, an indexed pension for everyone. In addition, 'green and social' for the AOb important and pension money should be invested in honest, green companies.

The elected representatives sit on the Accountability Council of the pension fund from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2026.

Read the interview with Agnes Tay

Watch the video with Christoph Rausch and what he will fight for in the Accountability Body over the next four years. Together we stand stronger! Join the AOb. 

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