No one should come to school on an empty stomach
No one should come to school on an empty stomach

Picture: Fred van Diem

Demonstrate for higher wages, also in education

Wages must go up! In all sectors, in society as a whole – and therefore also in education and research. So come to the manifestation on Saturday 26 November in Amsterdam.

Inflation is at its highest point since the 70s. Wages lag far behind rising prices. Also in education: many supporters and teachers are at risk of getting into financial problems, or already have them. Too many pupils and students come to school without food and in broken shoes, and are weighed down by financial stress at home.

That's why wages have to go up. In all sectors, in society as a whole – and therefore also in education and research.

'I am shocked by all the financial problems I hear'

Will you help make that happen?

On Saturday 26 November, the FNV and, among others, the AOb the manifestation #NLdeservesBetter. There, on that afternoon, the broad nationwide movement for higher wages and against inequality starts.

“Join us, that Saturday afternoon,” says AObchairman Tamar van Gelder. “Every time I come back to a school and talk to colleagues there, I am shocked by the financial problems I hear. Incidentally, these problems also emerged in our earlier AOb-inflation survey. And I am also shocked by the poverty that you see among the pupils and students. We now have to do a really hard shout-out to politics: see how big this problem is, and solve it! We will all do that on November 26.”

Free buses will run throughout the country to the manifestation in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam on Saturday. AOb-members gather at the main entrance, at the AOb-flags. We are then supposed to enter as one group at 13.45 pm.


 Yes, I'll be there

Practical information:

What: #NLdeserved Better Manifestation
When: November 26, 2022
Location: Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam
What time: 14.00 – 15.30 (walk-in from 13.30)

Further information (including about the pick-up points for the buses)

What Teachers and Supporters Say:

'My income no longer covers my fixed costs. I no longer pay off the mortgage and only pay the interest. Financial problems are being passed on to the future.'

'Where you used to have a reasonable shopping cart with groceries for 70 to 80 euros, you now have a basket with groceries for that amount.'

'I have to fill up at least four times a month, while my travel allowance for the entire month only covers once.'

'I am currently spending almost 300 euros on commuting alone.'
'My wife is chronically ill and has no income. Until now, it was just financially feasible for us. But with this inflation we are going to get into financial trouble.'

'Pupils come to school without a lunchbox and with broken shoes.'
'I always have to borrow to get through the month in case of unexpected expenses. Think of a car breakdown or a new bicycle for our child.'

"The heater stays off, we're out in the cold and go to bed early with an electric blanket."

'I have trouble buying diapers. The heating won't turn on and our central heating boiler will have to be replaced soon, but we can't save enough to pay for this.'

'Many students no longer have money at home for, for example, licenses for school programs, a laptop or books.'


Our country deserves better. You deserve better, your colleagues deserve better, your fellow employees in other sectors deserve better. And your students deserve better – they deserve to come to school with an empty stomach.

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