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Collective labor agreement for school group Our Secondary Education

For the school group Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs (OMO) - 68 secondary schools in Brabant, 6800 employees - there is a negotiator's agreement for a new collective labor agreement. OMO has its own collective labor agreement and the most important new agreements are the introduction of a personal budget of 40 hours and additional agreements about parental leave.

Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement at OMO were temporarily postponed because there had to be clarity about the new collective labor agreement for secondary education. That agreement came out on June 22† OMO has its own collective labor agreement, but the national wage agreements – an increase of 4,75 percent and a one-off payment of 500 euros gross for a full-time job – also apply to all employees at OMO.

To differ

The collective labor agreement of the Brabant school group may deviate on other subjects. The negotiator agreement states that all employees at OMO now receive a personal budget of 40 hours for a full-time job for the first time. “That is an introduction to this budget”, says AObsector director Herman Molleman. “Because employees at OMO do not have the 50 hours as previously agreed in the national collective labor agreement. Instead, they have fewer lessons and deviate from the national collective labor agreement in that regard.”

Another point is parental leave. Due to new national legislation, the percentage of paid parental leave (415 hours in total) has been increased to 75 percent. Employees must include a minimum of 9 weeks in the child's first year of life. In contrast to the national collective labor agreement, employees at OMO can also take the remaining paid leave in later years than the child's first year of life at the rate of 75 percent.


AObsector director Molleman presents the agreement positively to the supporters of OMO. The new collective labor agreement at OMO runs until 1 May 2023.

The entire negotiator agreement of Our Secondary Vocational Education can be found via this link. 

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