In 40 percent of the schools, there is not yet a CO2 meter in every classroom.
In 40 percent of the schools, there is not yet a CO2 meter in every classroom.

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CO2 meter mandatory in every classroom

A CO2 meter must be installed in every classroom in primary and secondary education. Education Minister Dennis Wiersma announced this today.

The minister had already decided last spring that CO2 meters should be installed in classrooms. This, among other things, after a large number of reactions to the ventilation hotline of the AOb.

About sixty percent of schools now have such a CO2 meter in every classroom, according to the report a letter which Minister Wiersma sends to the House of Representatives today. For the other 40 percent, there must therefore be 'a scoop on top', according to the minister.

'But what if that meter goes into the red? Do you have to send your students home then?'

“It's great that those meters are made mandatory, because to measure is to know”, responds AObchairman Tamar van Gelder. “But what if that meter goes into the red? Can you, as a teacher, close your classroom and send your students home? After all, opening a window is not possible everywhere, because quite a few schools have a closed ventilation system.”

Furthermore, according to Van Gelder, it is strange that the obligation does not apply to classrooms in senior secondary vocational education and higher education. “Isn't the urgency there high then? Do teachers and students – or rather: students – not need fresh air there?”


Furthermore, Van Gelder continues to insist that there are income protection is needed to accommodate the existing victims with lung covid. “These people now often end up in unemployment benefits, and their salary is decreasing enormously. Such an arrangement has recently been finally arranged for the Zorg. And rightly so, but now education.”

Schools can also receive support from Minister Wiersma in deploying air purifiers in their classrooms. Six schools have already installed a total of seventy-five air purifiers in Staphorst. Schools that want to participate can visit


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