Mr'en and or'en have the right of consent when spending the NPO money.
Mr'en and or'en have the right of consent when spending the NPO money.

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Check and watch the distribution of the NPO money

Participation councils and works councils in senior secondary vocational education and higher education can influence how the money from the National Education Program (NPO) is used within the institution. Download our guides and distribute them among your colleagues.

In February, outgoing Education Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven announced that 8,5 billion euros will be allocated for the entire education sector to eliminate the backlog due to corona. Part of the money, 2,7 billion euros, is intended for MBO, HBO and WO. It is incidental money, only a small part of these sectors is structural because of the higher student numbers.

De AOb wants to help mr'en and or'en to exert influence. Therefore, download the manual for secondary vocational education through this link. You can find the one from the HBO here. In the guide you will find considerations for employee participation. An important first step is to see how much money your institution gets. Mr'en and or'en always have the right of consent on the choice of how the money is spent. This also applies to formative choices.

Knowing more? The AOb has a special page National Education Programme. We are always adding to this page.

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