Massive lectures will probably not be possible after the summer.
Massive lectures will probably not be possible after the summer.

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Brakes not completely released in September

In September, MBO, HBO and WO students will again receive education on location, and they no longer have to keep a meter and a half away. But the masks are still there and there are no more than 75 students in the lecture hall.

That is the 'basic scenario' that outgoing Minister Van Engelshoven outlines in a brief to administrators in secondary vocational education and higher education. With this scenario, the educational institutions can prepare for the new academic year.

In September everyone still wears a mask in the hall and in the hallway. Nor will the arrows on the ground indicating walking routes have disappeared. The educational institutions must arrange their buildings in such a way that contacts are limited.

Superspread events

Furthermore, students and non-vaccinated employees voluntarily use self-tests “to improve the epidemiological picture”, the minister hopes. She wants it that way superspread events appearance.

Incidentally, students are allowed to meet with more than 75 people for exams. Also in the library and other study places there are no longer any restrictions on the number of attendees.

That is, if everything goes as the minister expects. There are two fallback scenarios with stricter rules. In the first relapse scenario, for example, students with a vaccination or test certificate can gain access to 'bubbles' that are allowed to release the meter and a half. In a second, stricter fallback scenario, even those bubbles are not allowed and education goes online again as much as possible.


On the other hand, there is also an optimal scenario, in which corona has almost disappeared. You still have to stay at home in it if you have complaints, but the other measures have then been deleted: no self-tests, no five feet, no restriction on the number of students in the room and so on.

However, the institutions must continue to schedule smartly, so that students do not all board the bus, train or tram at the same time. In consultation with the transport companies, they will prevent 'peak crowds'.

And the introduction week? “These activities are of great importance to students who start their studies,” says the minister. The sooner the organizers know what is and what is not allowed, the better. In the so-called basic scenario, the introduction weeks can continue as usual, but the mayors and safety regions still have to think about the 'preconditions'.
The cabinet is asking the experts of the OMT (Outbreak Management Team) to take the plunge by July at the latest and to say which scenario it will be.

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