All education employees must have additional disability insurance.
All education employees must have additional disability insurance.

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AOb: 'Supplementary insurance for incapacity for work for all teaching staff'

All employees in education must have additional disability insurance. The AOb demands that school administrators have this arranged by October 1 of this year at the latest.

The government's strategy that schools must remain open despite corona, according to the AOb for this measure. That writes AOb- chairman Tamar van Gelder today in a letter to the House of Representatives: 'It is not possible to exclude all risks 100 percent.'

Joint responsibility

That is why teaching staff who, despite measures such as ventilation, nevertheless become ill for a long time or permanently, must be compensated. Van Gelder believes it is a joint responsibility to limit the greatest loss of income.

'It is not possible to exclude all risks 100 percent'

The union wants all employees in all education sectors, from primary education to university education, to receive supplementary disability insurance. This is called an IPAP complete (disability pension supplement plan). School boards must take out this insurance before October 1 for all staff, regardless of the medical risks they incur. The minister of education should discuss this with the school boards, the AOb.

Reporting point

In February this year, the AOb together with the FNV a hotline long covid and asked educational staff to report if they suffered from long-term corona complaints. Within a short time there were 1200 reports from teachers and support staff to this hotline. Relatively many young people appeared to suffer from long-term covid: 30 percent of the reporters were between 26 and 40 years old.

Last week the cabinet made the new corona strategy known† Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said at the time that educational institutions 'are at the bottom of the pile' when it comes to taking measures.

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