The AObeducation debate will not take place next Tuesday evening.
The AObeducation debate will not take place next Tuesday evening.

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AOb-education debate of February 16 canceled

In response to major objections among (executives) members of the AOb on the composition of the educational debate on Tuesday 16 February next, the board of the AOb decided that the debate cannot proceed.

The main board of the AOb refers to the mission / vision of the association which, among other things, states:

De Algemene Onderwijsbond (AOb) stands for high-quality, publicly funded education that is accessible to everyone and that contributes to a fair, sustainable and democratic society. Education in which knowledge is of value in itself and where all knowledge and skills are important. Education in which there is room for individual development and that prepares for society.
De AOb stands for a just society in which everyone has equal opportunities and can lead a dignified existence

Withdraw invitation

The main board of the AOb has found that the program for the elections of the PVV is so distant from everything where the AOb in mission and vision stands for that the central board is forced to withdraw the invitation to the PVV. This has such an impact on the content of the debate that canceling is currently the only option.

The main board will talk to AObmembers about equal opportunities, racism and how to deal with a political landscape with parties with ideas that are miles away from their own mission.


Executive Committee AOb,

14 February 2021

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