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You can apply for a teacher grant up to and including mid-May

The application period for the teachers' grant has been shortened by one and a half months and this year runs from April 1 to May 15. As a result, DUO hopes to be able to notify teachers sooner whether their application has been approved or rejected.

Last year, about 2400 teachers were told in the summer that the subsidy could be used empty used to be. The House of Representatives had funneled nearly thirty million euros towards measures against the teacher shortage. The available budget for the teachers' grant thus plummeted from 78 to 49 million. Teachers complained not only about the rejection, but also about its late date: all preparations had already been made at school.

The thousands of rejected applications caused political consternation, because education minister Arie Slob had indicated that enough money would remain after the procedure. From one Reconstruction The Education Magazine recently showed that this promise was unrealistic in advance, because not much was left at all in previous years. Despite strong words from government parties D66 and CDA, a solution was not forthcoming at the end of last year.


In fact, the subsidy pot contains even less budget: 46 million euros. In any case, that should be enough to give priority to the rejected applications this year, the only compensation that Slob could make. According to a letter sent to the House of Representatives this month sent, an amount of 22 million euros is calculated for this. Just under 17 million euros has been budgeted for repeat applications from teachers who have already started a course. These too will take precedence over new applications, for which about eight million will remain. That amount will of course be higher if fewer postponed applications are submitted to DUO, for example because teachers are now abandoning the study program.

Applications can be made from April 1 at DUO.

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