Vote for good education!

National elections for the Lower House will take place on 17 March 2021. The time to choose a political party that will help education recover. The largest political parties have the most influence on a new coalition agreement. So it matters a lot what you vote! The AOb calls on everyone to vote for good education.

Will you help us spread this message? Then go directly to the Toolbox!


  • The message

    Where does the AOb committed to?

    We are convinced that good education makes the difference. Not only now, but also for the future. For a strong economy, security, innovation, an inclusive samsociety and much more. Quality education depends on many factors, and we know that we cannot get everything done at once. That is why we have listed 4 focal points for the upcoming coalition agreement:

    • Smaller classes;
    • More permanent jobs;
    • Enough qualified teachers
    • An attractive salary.

    You can read more about this in the manifest in the toolbox.


    How do we do that?

    We are taking action towards politics. Sometimes very visible with actions for structural investments and high visibility in the press. Sometimes by researching issues such as Appropriate Education and Opportunity Equality. Or by talking to the Ministry and employers. But we always listen to our members. What are you up against? What are the biggest problems? And what would make the difference? What is the required solution? We pass on all these cries for help, stories and appeals to politicians.

    In the run-up to the elections, you spoke out en masse for smaller classes of 21 students. The petition has been signed more than 40.000 times! We, together with other stakeholders in education, offered these to the politicians. And so much more is planned. But we need your support for that!


    What can I do?

    Do you also want to call on people to vote for good education? Awesome! In the toolbox you can find different materials to hang at your school or educational institution (when that is allowed), on your window at home or even at the free sticking locations in your municipality. The more we spread this message, the more impact it will have! So talk to your colleagues, family, friends or other parents, tag them on our social channels or share photos and videos with us where you have put the posters.

    Do you have a great idea yourself, do you want to help in your area or maybe just a question? Send an email to your colleagues from the AOb in your own region. Please include your contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    • Rayon South (Eindhoven): rayon.zuid @aob. Nl
    • Rayon Northwest (Utrecht): rayon.noordwest @aob. Nl
    • Rayon North (Groningen): rayon.noord @aob. Nl
    • Rayon Southwest (Rotterdam): rayon.zuidwest @aob. Nl
    • Rayon East (Deventer): rayon.oost @aob.NL. Rayon East is looking for volunteers!

    Do you care about education? And do you want to structurally improve the quality of education, just like us? Then become a member of the AOb.

  • Toolbox
  • The election manifestos

    Let's be very clear, of course you determine that yourself! But if you want to know what the different parties say about education, then take a look at the picture below. We have gone through the election manifestos of the largest political parties for you and briefly summarized what they find important with regard to education.

    This is a well-arranged but somewhat simplified summary. Would you rather read the entire (final) election program? Below you will find the complete election program per party as a download.


    The games (alphabetical) and their program
    Christian Union *
    Green Left *
    VVD *


    * The programs of ChristenUnie, PVDA and VVD are still in concept. The other programs are final.

  • Education Kieskompas

    It may be more difficult than ever to determine your vote in the parliamentary elections on 17 March. If you have a warm heart for education, the views of the various parties about education can be an (important) factor that you want to include in your consideration. That is why the independent organization has chosen Kieskompas, in collaboration with various educational organizations, including the AOb, developed the Education Electoral Compass. This allows you to determine your position in the political playing field in the field of education. Completion is of course completely anonymous.